A Bracelet for me

A Bracelet for me
Originally uploaded by CrochetDad
I'm not much for jewelry, but I saw a woven bracelet for sale on Etsy, and thought I'd like to try it in crochet. Here is my first attempt, in #3 Crochet Thread using a 2.0 mm hook.


mind's eye said...

Well...I'm speechless. But I think you heard that often enough! A man who loves to chrochet..and!!!... with a blog!
I love you bracelet, love your hats and especially love the Wheel Stich Block tutorial!!
Thank you for sharing!
Greetings from Germany!


Beautiful colors woven into the hands of a stylish bracelet health liked it very much ..

CrochetDad said...

Thanks so much!

Cris said...

looks great!

Lily said...

So sweet bracelet , Love it. I also love its colors.

CrochetDad said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments.

River Glorious said...

I like the solidness of the bracelet.

CrochetDad said...

Yes, it's nice and firm. This is my first attempt - I've other ideas for this project.

Z of ZKNITZ said...

I like it!

Katie Doty said...
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Katie Doty said...

Nice very nice. I am curious what you used for a closure.

CrochetDad said...

Thanks Kathy - I just crocheted the ends together. I just finished another version, though. I'll have to post a new picture - done in the round.

Plogs said...

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