Pattern Finished - Adult Cable Motif Beanie with Brim

Well, I finally finished my hat pattern. It's available on Etsy or Lulu. Lulu is pretty cool, because you can download the pattern directly from that site. With Etsy, I am notified by email that someone has purchased something, then I have to send it myself. I've sold several patterns, and am encouraged to produce more. The only problem is that I enjoy making the hats more than making the pattern. Oh, well. Whatever works.

Anyway, I'm now working on another hat pattern. When I finish all the Christmas gifts I've started, I'll concentrate on that one.

'Til next time.


First Hat Sold

I sold my first hat this week, so I decided to list some more on my Etsy Store. The original hat.

I've had some nice comments about my hats and requests for patterns. All I've got to say is I prefer to do the hats than write down how I do them, so progress is slower than I'd like on the hats.


9-pointed Popcorn Round Ripple Afghan Pattern

I've been active on Crochetville for a few months now, joined a few CALs (Crochetalongs to the uninitiated). One of the CALs was for making Round Ripples, which are easier than they look. Anyway, after making a few RRs, I wanted something different, so I designed my own version. It was received very well by the members of Crochetville and it was requested I write down how I did it. The result is my very first attempt at selling at crochet pattern.

You can see the the afghan (and buy the pattern) at my Etsy Store. The pattern is the only thing there as I write this, but if it goes well, I intend to add more items for sale soon.


First Post!

Well, I did it - I started a blog. I'm not sure why, though. I've never done a diary or a journal. We'll see where this leads.