White Fedora with stiff brim

I've had many requests for this hat, which I've crocheted before, so I've decided to develop the pattern.  I also wanted the brim to have some stiffness, so I'm experimenting with the nylon "string" that is used in my lawn edge trimmer.  It's available at most hardware stores.  Here is my first attempt...


Fedora made with crochet thread

I've been neglecting my blog - but not my crochet, so I thought I'd update you on my latest project - a hat made from crochet thread.  I know, you're saying "What?"  Let me explain: I wanted something a little different, which may not surprise some of you.

I went to my yarn stash, (which my wife makes me keep in the garage, now) and picked out several colors of #10 crochet thread (red, orange, yellow, purple, and pale blue), a G crochet hook and started crocheting.  I'm very pleased with the result.  I had to block the brim (steam only, no starch or stiffeners used) to get the look I wanted.