Dreadlocks Wig for Halloween

My son asked if I could crochet him a dreadlocks wig for Halloween. Never one to turn down a crochet project, I started immediately. That was back in June. This seemed to take forever.

I started with a net-type cap and added a chain of 50, then crocheted slip stitches back down the chain for the dreads.

He's pleased with the result.


My New Favorite Hat

I just finished this hat, and it's a keeper! I wear it all the time, and have gotten many complements and even a request for one!

When my son-in-law saw it, he called it my Riverboat Gambler. I like the name, so that's what I'm calling it, too.


New Pattern Available

I've added a new pattern to my Etsy Store.

The pattern can be made as a beanie or a cap with brim. The bling band is made from soft drink pull-tabs.

I've shown some examples of the color changes to make your hat unique.

The pattern is also available on my Lulu Store for direct download.