We're moving!

When I started this blog, I thought it would be about my crochet, and it has been, mostly, but through the years, I've added some non-crochet topics as well.

This entry is one of those entries.

We're moving!  But not far.  We found a lot in a 55+ manufactured home community about 10 miles from our current house. 

Here are some pictures showing the progression of the building process...

First, the lot - an unused lot - we couldn't believe our luck.  This community has been around since the early 1970's and this lot was not developed.  Until now... 

Here is the lot as it was when we purchased it in March, 2011

The lot has a couple of advantages we love - the first is that it backs up to a canyon, so we have a terrific view to the rear (with no neighbors behind us)...there's even a stream at the bottom of the canyon.

Our view out the back of the lot

The view out the front of our house is unusual in this neighborhood, as well - the owner of the lot across the street actually purchased two lots and planted trees in the one directly across from our lot.

This view is looking from the rear of our bare lot back toward the street and the tree-filled lot across the street
The foundation has been poured and ready for the installation of the house.  This picture was taken 1 week after lot improvement started.

November 22, 2011 - the day of installation - foundation footing is ready.
The house arrived in two sections.  The first section with the main area of the front porch arrived first...

First section arrived at 10:00 AM (right on schedule)
Installing the first section
The second section arrived about 1:00 PM.
They make this look so easy
Over the next few days, the two halves were joined together, the foundation blocks were installed, steps were poured in front and on the side, the house was lowered onto the foundation and work began on the utility hook-ups and the driveway.
The two halves were joined
The block foundation was added and the house was lowered onto it
Steps were added to front, rear and side of house (these are in the rear)
The driveway was poured and railings were added to the steps
This is our back porch - overlooking the canyon
At this point, we're waiting for the completion of the hook-up of utilities and waiting for our wood floor to be installed, some minimal landscaping and the car port installation.  Even though the house isn't ready to move into yet, I couldn't wait to share these pictures with you.