Sea Turtle for Amaya

I thought it was time my granddaughter had a new toy, so I made this sea turtle for her.  It's about 4½ inches across.  The FREE Pattern is available here


Crochet Pattern finished for Unisex Ribbed Fedora

After seemingly unending modifications, I've finally finished the pattern for my Unisex Ribbed Fedora.  Sizes available for Toddler/Youth (18-19 inches), Small Adult (20-21 inches, and Large Adult (22-23 inches).

As many of you know, I'd rather crochet than write patterns, but I've had so many requests for this pattern, I felt I'd better get something out there or I'd lose some credibility.

This hat is now the hat I wear everyday.  I've had many nice comments from people I meet.   

The shape of the brim and crown shape is maintained by nylon line - you know, the kind that is used in lawn edge trimmers. 


Knooking Hook

I recently discovered "Knooking". It's a combination of crochet (or "hooking) and knitting and uses a hook with a cable or line at the end.

The term knooking is used in a Ravelry group of the same name. Check out the blog http://knooking.wordpress.com/ for more info