My First Amigurumi!

I just finished my first Amigurumi. It's a cute little (6 1/2 inches tall) Bear

I got the free pattern on Crochetville:

Earth Tones 9-Pointed Round Ripple

I just completed another round ripple. This one's in "earth tones":

Detail of the points:

This one was a special order for an Etsy customer.


We Found Sunny!

My son, Christopher, has a pet corn snake, "Sunny". During a moment of inattention, Sunny escaped from her cage, although we were pretty certain she was still in the house. She was missing for over a week, so she should have been getting hungry - we feed her about once a week. I was doing a load of laundry and spotted Sunny peaking out of the washing machine! I presume she hadn't been in the washing machine all week, since we had been using it regularly for several days.

She was careful not to expose herself too much as you can see in the shot above.

We waited a very long time, it seemed like a couple of hours, and decided to get her favorite food, a mouse, to persuade her to come out of hinding. As you can see below, she liked that idea!

I won't show the final resolution, in case you're squeamish about a snake devouring a mouse, but suffice it to say, Sunny is now back in her cage.


Hat Update

An update on this hat:

I posted a previous picture of the hat I made on a trip when I forgot to pack a hat. The resulting hat has had a good following with nice comments. I've since updated the brim. This picture is the result. I'll be working on the pattern to satisfy many requests. Thanks to all who encouraged me to "get with it".

If you have a suggestion for a name for the hat, please let me know.