Granny Shrug Finished

Granny Shrug Finished
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Another wearable for my wife. The Granny Shrug. The free pattern is available here: http://www.kootoyoo.com/2010/05/how-to-make-granny-shrug.html


I ran out of brown...

Wanting to make another hat in my newest design, I found two partial balls of brown cotton yarn.  Well, I ran out of brown yarn.  Not wanting to add to my growing stash of partial balls/skeins of yarn (and save a trip to the yarn store), I found some black cotton yarn and continued with the hat.  The effect was pleasing, at least to me.  

I also changed the brim to match the stitch pattern of the crown.

Still working on the pattern - this time with the new brim.  If you missed my original post - see it here.  I'm still accepting name suggestions for the hat with the originator of the name to receive the pattern as a prize.  Post your ideas for the name of this hat to either this post or the original post.


Finally - a new design - need help with a name

I've finally added a new design to my list of patterns - but I need a name for it.  

The brim is very firm and the crown has a nice texture.  A few suggestions?  All I've come up with is "Textured cap with brim".  The entire hat is done non-stop with one strand of Caron Simply Soft yarn. The brim is done in a new technique I just learned that produces a very firm fabric.

I made a preliminary version for each of my three granddaughters (in pink, of course), but this one is the final design - I just need a better name.

I haven't finished the pattern yet, but if your name is selected, I'll send you a copy of the completed pattern for your assistance.  

Thanks in advance.


All better now...

Remember back in January when I broke my ankle?  Well, I'm all healed now.  I thought you might like to see these x-rays of the healed ankle with screws still installed.  The doctor says they can stay unless they bother me.  I feel no further affects from the injury or surgery, so I guess I'll keep them.


My Mocha from a coffee house in downtown Portland, OR called "Stumptown Coffee Roasters"


Crocheted Shrug for Granddaughter

When I received the Winter 2011 Issue of Interweave Crochet, I knew I had to make the Aslan Shrug.  Here's the first one (for my granddaughter):

I'll be making more of these...


Well, this is embarrassing - Broken ankle.  

The good news is that the motorcycle looks worse.  Long story short: someone stopped quickly in front of me and when I hit the brakes, the rear end slid out, and I tumbled off.  I was only going around 10-15 miles per hour, but when I stepped off the sliding motorcycle, I broke my left ankle.