Cotton Shawl from Drops Design

Cotton Shawl for my wife (model our daughter)


~M said...

Love it! Great Job! :)

Cheers! ~Merri

CrochetDad said...

Thanks, Merri - it was a nice project.

Sharon Marie said...

Lucky lady! It's beautiful.

Marifetane hobi said...

şal çok güzel eline sağlık..

River Glorious said...

Very VERY lovely! How long did it take you to make?


CrochetDad said...


Let's see...I started it on June 25th and finished on June 30, so less than 5 days of part-time crocheting - thank goodness for Ravelry, where I keep track of (most) projects.

Lily said...

beautiful shawl . good choice , and beautiful work.

abdullah-blogs said...

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