Wheel Stitch Afghan

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I'm working on an update to this after realizing that, since the width increases at the same speed as the length, you'll end up with almost a square if the piece gets anywhere near the size of a normal afghan. Of course, this might work well for a lapghan...

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I found a really nice-looking afghan online based on the wheel stitch, but the afghan was square. I made one in baby size for a present, which you can see in a previous post here.

In some cases, a square afghan or blanket is just what you need, but there are times you want a rectangular one, right?. I liked the wheel stitch, so I decided to write out a pattern for a rectangular afghan using this stitch. I haven't completed the afghan yet, but I will share my progress as it goes along.

Here's what I've come up with so far with some pictures to help you along the way:

Wheel Stitch Afghan
© 2009 Gene Saunders, a.k.a. CrochetDad
Do not redistribute without permission. You may post a link to this article, but don't copy it and call it your own. Thanks!

For yarn, I'm using Red Heart Super Saver in several colors (actually, I'm starting with the left-over yarn from the Baby Blanket I made. The colors are six shades of blue, white, buff and burgundy. You can make this afghan with as little as one color - I'll tell you later how to use only one color without cutting the yarn...

Hook size will depend on the yarn you use and how tight or loose you want the stitches to look.


  • The afghan is worked in rounds, don't turn unless instructed.
  • The finished size is up to you - just keep going until it's the right size
  • Instructions are in US crochet terms
  • These are not instructions on how to crochet
  • It is assumed you have basic crochet knowledge

ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
trc = treble crochet
bptrc = back post treble crochet


Rnd 1: This is the foundation round - ch 12, 7 trc in 4th ch from hook, sk 4 ch, sl st in next ch
, sk 4 ch,15 trc shell in next ch, sl st in same st as last sl st, 7 trc in same st as first 7 trc shell, sl st in last ch (top of first shell, finish off.

Note: If you're doing a single color version, don't finish off - just keep going

You should have something like this:

Rnd 2: This round is the first half of the wheel stitch. It takes two rounds to complete the stitch.

(Note: If you are doing this in one color, sl st in next 3 sts, then continue with the next ch 3)

Change color, join yarn in top of first trc, ch 3, [yo twice, bptrc in next st, reserving last loop on hook] 4 times, (5 loops on hook) yo and pull through all loops, ch 1 (CornerCluster made). The ch 1 will be referred to later as the “shell anchor” later. Here's what you should have:

Now ch 3, and sl st under loops of current st and next st, like this:

ch 3,
[yo twice, bptrc in next st, reserving last loop on hook] 6 times, yo and pull through all loops on hook, ch 1 (SideCluster made) (again, the ch 1 is the "shell anchor" for the next round). Here's what mine looks like at this point:

Now do a ch 3,
CornerCluster, ch 3, sl st as before under the loops of the current and next st, ch 3, another SideCluster, ch 3, sl st as before, ch 3, CornerCluster, ch 3, join with a sl st to those two loops as before and you should have something like this at the end of Rnd 2:

Rnd 3:

This is the second half of the Wheel Stitch and you'll be staying with the same color as round 2.

10 bptrc in shell anchor (remember, it's the anchor stitch of the previous round's
CornerCluster), sl st in next st (CornerShell made).

6 bptrc in shell next shell anchor (SideShell made). Continue around doing CornerShell in the shell anchor in the corners and SideShell in the shell anchor along the side.

Continue by repeating Rnd 2 and Rnd 3 with color changes on even rounds.

Beginning of Rnd 4:

SideCluster on Rnd 4:

Completed Rnd 4:

Completed Rnd 5:

Here's what I have so far:

When I get further along, I'll show you how I do the border (we'll end with an even round).

If you're having trouble, please post your comment and I'll try to help.


CrochetMeMad said...

Very interesting idea. I love your work and follow your work often.

I can't wait to see how this finishes out. Goldiepel

Anonymous said...

Great idea. I love it!!! Would you mind if I share a link to your blog post on my crochet blog and on my FaceBook page? People are always looking for different shapes for a pattern stitches.

CrochetDad said...


I would be honored. I started this stitch because of your blog entry. Thanks so much for the inspiration and the video!

I'm going to rethink the foundation, though. I was reminded by another online crocheter that as the afghan progresses, the short dimension will increase at the same rate as the long dimension, ending up nearly square, anyway if it gets much bigger. It started twice as long as wide (2 inches by 4 inches) and now it's approximately 10 inches by 12 inches. When the width reaches 30 inches, the length will only be 32 inches, which is not what I had in mind...

I'm going to start it over as a tutorial.

You can find me on Facebook as CrochetDad.

Angelica Bays, TygrLilies.blogspot.com said...

Holy Cow! That's incredible! I keep looking at it and I just can't seem to get it thru my head that the circles aren't done completely first and then joined as opposed to 1/2 at a time. Mindblowing! Really nice work!

NewLifestyle said...

I love what you did with this stitch! Very pretty. I follow Teresa in Youtube... I love what both of you do with the crochet. I have been crocheting for 30 years and still get excited when I see new ways to use stitches :)

Kate/Massachusetts said...

I don't know if this would work here but when you braid rugs, to get your beginning braid length, you subtract your finished rug measurements and start with that length. In other words (easier I hope!), if you wanted a 5'x8' rug, you subtract the 5' from 8' which is 3'. You use a 3' length braid as your beginning row and then you continually braid around it until you have reached 5x8. I wonder if this concept would work for your afghan? Say you wanted an afgan that measures 40" x 60"...you would start your first row/round at 20" long. Again, I don't know if this would work but you could try a sample and see if the proportions remained consistent.

CrochetDad said...

Thanks, Kate - this information has been passed to me before. I'm working on another with the proper starting length.

Clementine said...

So in round three when you say to do 10 BPTC in the anchor stitch, are you just talking about the slip stitch you did at the top of your corner cluster? or the chain 3 space?
And when you move on to the side cluster do you do a slip stitch before you work on the BPTC?

I love how this blanket looks!
Thanks so much for posting it

CrochetDad said...

In round 3, the "anchor stitch" referred to is the ch 1 space in Rnd 2 after the cluster stitch.

Yes, join to the next stitch with a slip stitch before moving on to the next side cluster. (I've corrected that omission in the text) - thanks for pointing that out.

Unknown said...

Hi there! This pattern is so wonderful. I made the square pattern by Teresa into a pillow and was so happy to find your Rectangular version so I can make an afghan. I did notice a typo in your pattern though. Where you state:
"Now do a ch 3, CornerCluster, ch 3, sl st as before under the loops of the current and next st, ch 3, another SideCluster, ch 3, sl st as before, ch 3, CornerCluster, ch 3, join with a sl st to those two loops as before"

That should actually be two corner clusters in a row then a side cluster and then a corner cluster. (you skipped the "Repeat Corner cluster"

So it should read:

"Now do a *ch 3, CornerCluster, ch 3, sl st as before under the loops of the current and next st, REPEAT FROM * Once, ch 3, another SideCluster, ch 3, sl st as before, ch 3, CornerCluster, ch 3, join with a sl st to those two loops as before"

cheers :)

Befrenda said...

thank you so much. My mum showed me this pattern many years ago, but the pattern was never written down. She has passed away now and I would love to make this again. I have posted my rug on Ravelry, as mums unknown pattern, and would like to link to your page with the pattern if this is OK. Again, many thanks

CrochetDad said...

That would be wonderful, thanks.

alex said...

What a wonderful idea!! I definitely will be trying this out when I throw my Summer Party this year! ♥

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Julia said...

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CrochetDad said...

I'm way behind on thanking everyone, so this will have to do for all of you who have commented on my tutorial: Thanks very much.

Mohsin said...

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believer14 said...

WOW!This is cool. Scanned through the pattern. Not sure if I will attempt it any time soon, but my hat is off to you this is great.Haven't had a chance to read through your blog, but I will..Your good...

CrochetDad said...

You're very kind - thanks!

Corinna said...

Thank you for this pattern. I did link to this on my personal blog, but also adapted it just a little to work for my curtain tiebacks, I do hope that is ok...Chapstick Goddess (http://cbrown2000.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/crochet-curtain-tiebacks/)

CrochetDad said...

I'm glad you could adapt this technique to your own needs. Thanks for the link back.

Unknown said...

Hi Gene,

I found your blog via the Crochet Geek as she had a link for your rectangular Wheel stitch patter...I wondered if you ever finished off/adapted the attached photo to see what size it turned out to be. Would love to know if you did and if not what suggestions you might have to finishing out this pattern and size. I'm looking to make an afghan but do not want it to end up square like Theresa's.

Any input or advice would be much appreciated! Thanks, Brady.


Heather said...

I'm an experienced hooker and I can't for the life of me figure out the foundation. If I chains 12...7 TRC in the 4th and skip 4 and slip stitch...I have 3 left...so how do I skip 4. Lol. I'm so confused and I sooooooo wanna make this.

CrochetDad said...

Heather, wow! I can't believe no one has found this error before this. My error: I should have said "chain 14..." Hope this helps.

CrochetDad said...

To get the proper dimensions at the end of this project, you'll have to start with the proper foundation round. Subtract the desired width from the desired length in inches. Multiply the result by the diameter of "one" starting motif. This will give you the number of starting motifs. My next blog entry explain this slightly. http://crochetdad.blogspot.com/2009/08/rectangular-wheel-stitch-afghan.html