CrochetDad's Wheel Stitch Block Tutorial - Third Round

Rnd 3: ch 1, [trc, ch 1] 8 times in next shell anchor, ( remember - the shell anchor is the ch 1 at the top of the trc cluster) join to next sl st of previous rnd with sl st.

CornerShell complete

Recap: CornerShell = ch 1, [trc, ch 1] 8 times in shell anchor
continue around doing CornerShell in each shell anchor

Rnd 3 complete - cut yarn, finish off and weave in ends 


Lindy Stamper said...

Thanks for posting that. Because as neat as Sarah London's Wool Eater pattern is, it was not very well written. I had to decode it visually. Thanks again!

NewLifestyle said...

I agree with Linda, this one is lots easier to understand.
Thanks for posting the instructions.
Could you continue on and on with this one to make an afghan? You probably could couldn't you?

CrochetDad said...

Thanks so much for the nice comments.

Yes, you could continue with this method and make a complete afghan, or join the squares and make a granny square-type afghan.