Finally - a new design - need help with a name

I've finally added a new design to my list of patterns - but I need a name for it.  

The brim is very firm and the crown has a nice texture.  A few suggestions?  All I've come up with is "Textured cap with brim".  The entire hat is done non-stop with one strand of Caron Simply Soft yarn. The brim is done in a new technique I just learned that produces a very firm fabric.

I made a preliminary version for each of my three granddaughters (in pink, of course), but this one is the final design - I just need a better name.

I haven't finished the pattern yet, but if your name is selected, I'll send you a copy of the completed pattern for your assistance.  

Thanks in advance.


Lily said...

your new design is real addition to your previous design. I love it, and love its color too.

Libby said...

The hat looks great, but I'm no good with names. Hope you find a good one soon. :-)

KAT said...

The hat looks like some kind of twisted stitch, so how about:
"Twisted (or Twist) Cap With Brim."
It looks fantastic and, I think, would make a nice summer cap 'cuz the Caron Simply Soft is so soft & feels lightweight.

daperfectmix said...

I think you should name it after one of your granddaughters.

CrochetDad said...

@Lily - thanks for the nice comment

@Libby - thanks, Libby

@KAT - thanks for the idea - it's actually more of a bumpy stitch, and yes, Simply Soft has a great feel to it.

@daperfectmix - good suggestion - their names are: Charlotte (~1 month), Sakinah (~2 years), and Amaya (~6 years). Maybe a combination of the three names?

Z said...

How bout "bumpy cap"?

For some reason, when I first saw your cap, I thought of tossing my name in there, but that sounds kind of self centered.


But the second name I thought of was "Pearl".

So maybe something like, "Bumpy Pearl Cap" or something along those lines.

Glad your ankle is better now.

Abiola said...

α combination of the 3 names; chanaya?

KAT said...

I don't know if this would suit the cap, but I also thought of "Brimmed Cable Cap" .. but if it is not a cable stitch, then nix that idea, eh?

Abiola said...

α combination of the 3 names; chanaya?

Diana61 said...

jockey hat

The Antioch Rapps said...

That is for sure a YOLO cap (You Only Live Once). Maybe you aren't sure you can do it, but try it any way. And maybe some people won't like the style, but so what? Wear it anyway! YOLO!

Chain Stitch Crochet said...

How about Chakinya? The first 3 letters of the first grand's name, kin for the middle 3 of the second grand's name and ya for the last two letters in the third grand's name. I thought it actually looked like a diamond pattern too. White Diamonds maybe??? :o)

CrochetDad said...

See, I knew you guys were better at this than I am. You've come up with some very imaginative names. By the time I finish the pattern in a few days, I'll pick a winner.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

Unknown said...

Living in the state that brings you the annual Kentucky Derby, I think it definately looks like a jockey hat. Fits close to the head and has a very small visor just like the winning jockeys wear. Just sayin'

Unknown said...

Love this!

I work with AllFreeCrochet and have been trying to contact you. Please email me if there is a good way to reach you. Thanks!


lunatica said...

Ok, not in it for the prize but as soon as I saw your hat I thought "Pebble Beach" 'cause it looks almost like the beach at a river's edge in El Salvador. Lots of smooth rocks and pebbles from lava flows.

I am AWFUL at reading patterns, I'm more comfy with diagrams so I guess you'd say I'm a visual learner. If I see something once, I can pretty much remember it like a photo. Eidetic memory, not good for much of anything in dealings with all the wonderful written crochet patterns ...

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Crystal said...

I would love this pattern

Unknown said...

Possible names, if you are still looking: The Go To Cap, the Go Anywear(spelling intentional) Cap, the On The Go Cap, the Everyone Loves My Cap.

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