All better now...

Remember back in January when I broke my ankle?  Well, I'm all healed now.  I thought you might like to see these x-rays of the healed ankle with screws still installed.  The doctor says they can stay unless they bother me.  I feel no further affects from the injury or surgery, so I guess I'll keep them.


Lily said...

I am glad that you completely cured , and are fine now. Thanks God.

Libby said...

Looks kinda painful, but I'm so glad that you're all better now. :-)

CrochetDad said...

Thanks - actually, I don't (and didn't) feel the screws at all. The healing process worked well.

Boneston Blog said...

Glad you are all healed up, could lead to some interesting times at the airports in future : )

cunitia said...

SO good that you are so well again!

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