Crochet Slippers with Flip Flop Soles

Here's some slippers I made for my wife using Flip Flop soles and #10 crochet thread. Judging from her expression, I think she likes them.


 My apologies for the inactivity on my blog. Since I've been involved in other social media sites, I've been absent from my blog. 

Compounding my inactivity is how I post my images. Flickr was where I stored my pictures for many posts, but Flickr has changed hands and I didn't keep up on that. I'm in the process of restoring images in posts, but it will take some time. 

Thanks to those who have contacted me regarding the missing images. Please be assured that I'm working on the problems.


Granny Shrug Finished

Granny Shrug Finished
Originally uploaded by CrochetDad
Another wearable for my wife. The Granny Shrug. The free pattern is available here: http://www.kootoyoo.com/2010/05/how-to-make-granny-shrug.html


I ran out of brown...

Wanting to make another hat in my newest design, I found two partial balls of brown cotton yarn.  Well, I ran out of brown yarn.  Not wanting to add to my growing stash of partial balls/skeins of yarn (and save a trip to the yarn store), I found some black cotton yarn and continued with the hat.  The effect was pleasing, at least to me.  

I also changed the brim to match the stitch pattern of the crown.

Still working on the pattern - this time with the new brim.  If you missed my original post - see it here.  I'm still accepting name suggestions for the hat with the originator of the name to receive the pattern as a prize.  Post your ideas for the name of this hat to either this post or the original post.


Finally - a new design - need help with a name

I've finally added a new design to my list of patterns - but I need a name for it.  

The brim is very firm and the crown has a nice texture.  A few suggestions?  All I've come up with is "Textured cap with brim".  The entire hat is done non-stop with one strand of Caron Simply Soft yarn. The brim is done in a new technique I just learned that produces a very firm fabric.

I made a preliminary version for each of my three granddaughters (in pink, of course), but this one is the final design - I just need a better name.

I haven't finished the pattern yet, but if your name is selected, I'll send you a copy of the completed pattern for your assistance.  

Thanks in advance.


All better now...

Remember back in January when I broke my ankle?  Well, I'm all healed now.  I thought you might like to see these x-rays of the healed ankle with screws still installed.  The doctor says they can stay unless they bother me.  I feel no further affects from the injury or surgery, so I guess I'll keep them.


My Mocha from a coffee house in downtown Portland, OR called "Stumptown Coffee Roasters"