CrochetDad's Wheel Stitch Block Tutorial - Second Round

Rnd 2: Join B in the top loops of any trc, ch 3:

trc cluster in next 3 ch 1 spaces

trc cluster = [trc in next ch 1 sp reserving last loop on hook] 3 times (4 loops on hook)

yo and pull through all loops on hook, ch 1 - trc cluster complete

Note: the ch 1 at the top of the cluster will be referred to as the shell anchor
ch 3, join with sl st in top loops of next trc.

CornerCluster complete

Recap:  CornerCluster = [ch 3, trc cluster over next 3 ch 1 sp, ch 3, join with sl st in next trc]

CornerCluster over next 3 ch 1 spaces

continue around ring in like manner, doing two more CornerClusters

Rnd 2 complete


dane said...

un très beau pas à pas j' aime beaucoup les deux couleurs, merci de ce partage a bientôt

CrochetDad said...

Thank you!