Bracelet Take 2

I didn't plan my original bracelet very well, I just started crocheting to see what would come to my head.

This time, with a little forethought, I decided to crochet the bracelet in the round for a more finished look.

Here's the result, in Navy, Pale Blue, Off-white #3 crochet thread using a 2.0 mm hook.


crafty cat corner said...

I searched out your blog for my husband who has just started to crochet, just simply to let him know that it is not all woosy men that crochet.
He is starting on the granny squares and although it took him a good while to master it, he is now going well and every time he is missing I know he is doing his crochet. lol
I am sure he will find lost of inspiration from you past and future blogs. thanks a lot....

Mimi and Tilly said...

I love both of these. Thanks for accepting my friend request on facebook, I'm really enjoying your blog. Em x

CrochetDad said...

Briony - I enjoy crochet for what it is: a craft that uses yarn and tools to manipulate it to my desired form. Crochet has brought out my creative side - I WAS a person to just follow the rules set by others. I'm very comfortable crocheting in public and creating my own designs, whether for men OR women. Thanks so much for your praise. It is appreciated.

Em - Thanks so much for the nice comment. I don't get on Facebook much (compared to my daughters, at least) so my updates are few and far between - kind of like this blog.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I admire anyone who can create their own patterns and designs. My cousin taught me to crochet when I was 20 but I've only started to read patterns on my own in the past several years; and trying out new projects in the past two years because of all the inspiration out there in blogland. I am still pretty much a novice but I keep plugging away. It's good to know that crochet has its health benefits. :) Have a great week. Tammy

CrochetDad said...

Tammy - thanks for the nice comment. "Plugging away" is the only way to get better. Keep it up!

Z said...

It looks just as good as the first one.

CrochetDad said...

Thanks - I like this one better - mainly because the first one was joined after making the bracelet by crocheting the ends together, which didn't turn out to my liking so I didn't even show that part. This one was crocheted in the round for a more finished look.

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