Crochet Thread Cup Cozies

I designed these cozies to add a little class to my occasional coffee-to-go instead of the paper sleeves they give you at the coffee shop.  I had previously made some cozies using worsted weight yarn, but the result was too bulky-feeling for my taste.

The cozies use either #10 or #3 Crochet Thread.  The multi-colored one uses #3 size thread.  When my wife saw it, she asked if I could make one in Red and White to match Starbucks new "Holiday" cup.  I didn't have #3 thread in those colors, so I made her one using #10 thread from my stash.

I've added the pattern, which contains versions for both thread sizes, to my Ravelry and Etsy Stores.  


Libby said...

These are great cozies!

CrochetDad said...

Thanks, Libby - they're also much more comfortable (and secure-feeling) than the paper or the thicker yarn versions - at least to me. You can make your own fashion statement. Make several to coordinate with your wardrobe.

lunatica said...

I just made one early this morning for my oatmeal and coffee glass and then, saw YOUR cup cozy! SO much prettier! Think I'll give it a go but see if I can make it without looking at your pattern. You're an inspiring instructor!

abdullah-blogs said...

This is such a nice addition thanks!!!

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