Amaya's new hat

Amaya's new hat
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My granddaughter, Amaya wanted a hat! Boy was I excited! I said "what color?" She said "Wellow". Since I'm a Los Angeles Lakers fan, I added a purple band. I might produce a pattern for this. It came out well.

Now she asked "Can you make a pink one?"  Guess what?  - I'm making a pink one, of course.


CT said...

I love her smile! she obviously loves her hat!

by the way... I love it too! can't wait to see the pink one!

Anonymous said...

Very stylin'!! The pink is going to be gorgeous as well. Great job, Granddad!

CrochetDad said...

Thanks so much - Yes, she DID love it!

Lorrene said...

Oh my gosh, she is cuter than a spotted puppy. The hat does it!!

CrochetDad said...

And she's got her grandpa wrapped around her little finger! I just can't say "no" when she asks for something crocheted.