Knooking Hook

I recently discovered "Knooking". It's a combination of crochet (or "hooking) and knitting and uses a hook with a cable or line at the end.

The term knooking is used in a Ravelry group of the same name. Check out the blog http://knooking.wordpress.com/ for more info


Ghost said...

I have one of those but thought it was for Tunisian afghan crochet. HUmmmmm live and learn.

Cat said...

Hey there! I have one too that I use for Tunisian!
It's hard for me to handle it though, so mostly use the very very long hooks from MoEZ.

You have been awarded the Sunshine award from my site (if you want it!) - check it out.

CrochetDad said...

No, No! I found the Knooker blog - check it out. It's knitting with a (modified) crochet hook.