Earth Tones 9-Pointed Round Ripple

I just completed another round ripple. This one's in "earth tones":

Detail of the points:

This one was a special order for an Etsy customer.


Chawna Crawford said...

I have been envious of people that can make round ripple blankets and i'm going to try my hand at one in a few weeks. I would say that I'm just over the intermediate line in my ability to crochet. I was just wondering how long it takes you to crochet an afghan like this one? Do you measure in days or by how many hours total? I think I'm just hoping for a gauge of how long to expect it to take me. Thank you for sharing your amazing ability! :)

CrochetDad said...

Hi Chawna,

This one took me about a week, and that's several (don't know how many) hours a day. If you want the free pattern, you can find it here (you might have to scroll down a little):

CrochetDad said...

I was just reviewing the comments and realized that I pointed to Lulu, but had removed the pattern from that site. It is now available on Ravelry.

Diana61 said...

Hi there!
Just found this site while looking for how to do the Bavarian crochet, and I have to say you make lovely things!
Love this star pattern too :)

Keep up the good work!