Tapestry Kitty Bag

I just finished this Tapestry Crochet Kitty Bag for my granddaughter.

I modified the pattern slightly:
  • I opted for a shoulder strap with a stripe instead of the wrist strap specified
  • used Caron Simply Soft in Black and White
  • Added a white weave at the top of the bag
It was fun to make because I kept thinking about the hug I'll get...


Karla said...

The bag looks great! I like your stetson hat in your photo too.

CrochetDad said...

Karla - Thanks! I'm babysitting tomorrow, so I'll be giving my granddaughter the bag then.

I went to the Fair again yesterday for the Recycled Wearable Art One Day Contest and came in second (again :) ). I don't have a picture up yet of the hat I entered.

CrochetDad said...

The hat is from "Hard Crochet" by Mark Dittrick. You can find it on Amazon. I posted about it here.

BekkaPoo said...

Your granddaughter is precious.. I bet she loves her new bag!